Iwi Health Promotion


Iwi Health Promotion focuses on two services:

  • Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Sexual Health

Nutrition & Physical Activity, supporting and empowering people within the Hauraki rohe to achieve improved wellbeing, targets:

  • Rangatahi/youth (12—24 years)
  • Their whānau/family
  • Their communities 

Sexual Health targets the age group 12+.

The team works collaboratively with communities and provider organisations to sustain healthy and supportive environments for whānau.

The aims of the two components of the Iwi Health Promotion service are:

  • To improve access to services
  • To advocate for opportunities that reflect the needs and health aspirations of our Hauraki whānau/family and whānui/communities
  • To improve nutrition and to increase physical activity
  • To increase awareness of sexual and reproductive health

In the nutrition contract, priority is given to maternal and child health and to interventions that reduce obesity-related disease.

The service assists in reducing ill-health and premature death, resulting from diet-related disease (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, gout, skeletal and joint problems, sleep apnoea) and increases the ability of whānau to access and achieve a healthier wellbeing (through increased knowledge and improved access to resources).

Referral Process

Referrals can be made by direct contact with the Iwi Health Promotion team. This is not a personal health/clinical service although personal health providers may be given assistance with resources or developing interventions.

To make an enquiry about our Iwi Health Promotion services, please click here.


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