Acute Clinic

Te Korowai Thames operates a service to meet acute needs of patients.

The Acute service is for “acute episodes” only, such as:

  •          Chest Pain
  •          Shortness of Breath
  •          Bleeding
  •          Severe Pain
  •          Chest Infections
  •          Fever
  •          Ear Ache
  •          Severe Headache
  •          Unwell Children or  Kaumātua
  •          Bites – insects, dogs and cat

There is an acute clinic scheduled every morning and afternoon. If you are unsure if your need fits the acute criteria, please feel free to phone and talk to the nurse on 07 868 0033.

The clinic is open from 8.30am to 5pm daily. If you have an emergency outside these hours, please visit the Emergency Department at Thames Hospital.

For regular appointments, please call the clinic listed on the Contact Us page.

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